Access Media to Remain at Majestic Studios…For Now.

Some good news to report! As listeners to Access Radio and supporters of our Charity may be aware, during the last two months we had a number problems related to our building.

Since 2016 Access has been based in Majestic Studios, a shared space run by another creative charity, East Street Arts. However, as their lease had come to an end we were asked to leave the property along with all the other occupants.

We did have another place lined up but this fell through and, whilst our fellow occupants all found new places and relocated, on a number of occasions it looked like we would have to shut down our activities. This would have meant that out vital work, both in media and in the local community would have come to a stop.

Thankfully, this was was avoided as (to cut a long story short) right at the eleventh hour (pretty much quarter past midnight, in fact!) we received confirmation from the Landlord that we would be allowed to stay.

We are now dealing directly with the Landlord which has a number advantages to our previous arrangement. However, we don’t have funds to finance a proper lease on our building. This means we may still have to leave if the building sells or is leased out to someone else. Nevertheless, we’re thankful for a good outcome and particularly all your thoughts and prayers for about us during this time.

If you’d like to support us so that we can work towards securing a permanent building for our work you can make a donation by clicking here or by following the link address below. This takes you to our fundraising page provided by “Wonderful.” Don’t forget that UK taxpayers can add a further 25% on their donation through the Gift Aid scheme via this route too.

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