New Altern8 for March 2020 airs tonight from 11pm

As part of our Hard Music Hour, Altern8 is back tonight from 11pm for its monthly edition! The programme includes One Bad Pig, Paramore, CPR, Until we Die and many more!

As ever, the full playlist for the show is below and you can hear it tonight from 11pm repeated Sun – Mon at the same time!

Artist – Title
Decemberadio – Gasoline
Amongst Wolves – Rabbit Hole
Paramore – Misery Business
Filthy Rags – Decrease
Jesse & the Rockers – Fired Up
One Bad Pig – What Does The Fool Say
CPR – Fire the Fire
Like Giants – Cut and Run
Aaron Graham – Found
Bronnie – Run and Hide
Until We Die – Mouthful of Spiders
Lyon Estates – Stuck on the Outside
Next Year – Fall Apart
The WAY – Solid Ground
Draw – Elephant
Explode the TV – Narcopolitic
Skillet – Circus for a Psycho

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