Advisory Group

The ‘Advisory Board’ consists of a number of individuals who want to support the Charity behind Access by offering advice and support in their various areas of experience and expertise. The members of the ‘Advisory Board’ can be found below.

Ramona Hirschi

Ramona has a legal background, practising at corporate solicitors Kent, Jones and Done in North Staffordshire, before forming her own on-line and home party retail business, Little Trove. She also owns and manages a number of property development ventures. Originally from Maylasia, Ramona spent several years living and working in Switzerland before moving to the UK …

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Stephen Cardy

 Currently working for the Evangelical Alliance of Ireland he has a long association with media having represented Focus on the Family in Ireland for several years. He’s also a director of Irish Christian Broadcasters and served as CEO of Yes Radio. As a former IBEC executive (Irish employers association) and training consultant Stephen has extensive experience …

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