Gaming Update

Gaming News Show 15th Sep

This week on the Gaming News Update we’re covering the “Pewdiepie controversy” and how some people are treating it, Destiny 2 launching with pay to win features and more.

Gaming News Show Update Sep 4th

This week we cover some of the things we have missed over the weeks to try to catch up. This week we covered AMD’s new “low end” thredripper cpu being at a shockingly affordable price around it’s Ryzen 7 counterpart, Sea of Thieves Developer, Rareware, have announced that they’ll be supporting low end pcs with …

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Gaming news Update 8th Aug

This week we discuss the new “evolution” in Esports in the Overwatch league, the new AMD Thread Ripper CPU line up and Activision’s bad pc COD Remastered port.

Gaming News Update 14th

This week we cover a bit of Monster Hunter Worlds gameplay, we discuss Bungie day 2017, we also have Warframe’s new patch, The nemesis forge. Anthem, doomfist and COD 4.

Gaming News Update 30th June

This week we cover Battleborn’s new marketing strategy, Dauntless finally clashing with Monster Hunter in who keeps the title at the top. And finally that E3 has passed, I also want to talk about Pre-orders.

Gaming News Update 26th May

this week we cover a splash of Destiny 2, Overwatch’s new animated short that is soon to come and finally Platinum Games stating that they have a new games in the works.

Gaming News Update 28th April

This week we cover CoD going back to it’s root, Cod 4’s remastered brand new DLC and the Xbox Scorpio.

Gaming News Show 14th April

This week we’re back from our break with some bug fixes to mass effect andromeda and Halo Wars 2, and more news on State of Decay 2.

Gaming news Update 131at Mar

This week on The Gaming News Update we cover a new Monster Hunter Clone coming to pc, GameStop Shutting doors all over the world and Pokemon Go Coming out of the shadows.

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