The Weekend Evening Show 20th – 23rd November 2020

The Weekend Evening Show 20th -23rd November 2020: ‘lucky’ people; a courteous, artistic rat; dreams and reality; bad neighbours; keeping fit in lockdown; The Wonder Stuff are ‘Dizzy’ listening to the Verve’s ‘Bitter Suite Symphony’.

The Midweek Evening Show 29th Sept – 1st Oct 2020

Tonight’s show features a 90’s Dance ‘One Hit Wonder’, ‘Track Of The Week’ comes from ‘Nothing,Nowhere’ and we have Mobile Phone Health News from Paul Pennington. It all kicks off from 6pm!

The Weekend Evening Show 25th – 28th September 2020

The Weekend Evening Show 25th-28th September 2020: freedom of limitations; record breaking pizza delivery tip; Lego to the rescue…again; a food-waste busting app; Fly 1, House 0; why Shania Twain’s not impressed as Green Day walk Broken Dreams Boulevard.

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