Midweek Evenings on Access -10th May 2022

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Can you improve your score on Steve K’s ‘Well ‘Ard Music Quiz’ tonight from 9pm? Before that Steve P is hear from 6 with brand new music from Benson Boone! Find out all the details here!

The Midweek Evening Show 5th-7th May 2020

Tonight we look at ‘cancer In Young Men’, ‘Planet Sport’ looks at ‘Equal Pay In Sport’ and the ‘Track Of The Week’ is provided by ‘Bloxx’. It all kicks off from 6pm!

The Weekend Evening Show 10th – 13th January 2020

The Weekend Evening Show 10th – 13th January 2020: luck, thirsty koalas,how to stop prisoners from re-offending,overcoming terminal cancer,the slowest car chase…ever, The Sisters of Mercy want more from life and XTC are making plans for Nigel.

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