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angels-choirHello all!

This page gives the various links and information for The Big Night Christmas Drama. Many thanks to Dave Piper for writing this and recording a good deal of the voices. (Making good use of the time off between working for UCB and TWR 😉 ) And also to the various cast members and Chris Rabone who engineered a good chunk of it and did the voiceovers.

As you may already know, it’s a Christmas drama split into four parts. This way it can be played with music interspersed through a half-hour or hour, or even spread throughout the day or week. It will work either way.

As you may have gathered, it’s a fairly light and humorous piece that narrates the Christmas story, starting with the Angels choir practice and continuing through to the chaotic gathering of Kings, Shepherds, Angels and all in Bethlehem. But there’s no point in me saying more. Have a listen and see what you think!

Firstly, here is the link to the main folder on Google Drive

The main folder is fairly self-explanatory. There is a WAV’s sections (for those like me who want things uncompressed) and also a section with MP3 versions in for those who want to download them a little quicker. (Each folder contains the same programme sections in different formats)

Inside each folder there are sub-folders each of which contain the following:-

1. Longer versions of each of the four parts
2. Shorter versions of each of the four parts
3. Shorter versions combined into a single programme in one file.

Here are the timings:-
Longer Versions
Part 1 4:44
Part 2 3:35
Part 3 4:12
Part 4 4:05

Shorter Versions

Part 1 4:44
Part 2 3:01
Part 3 3:48
Part 4 3:55

Shorter Versions Combined

1 Part, 15:00

It is possible that people might point out the odd thing that needs to change in these versions but as far as I know these will be the final versions. I guess it might be a couple of weeks anyway before you start to download stuff for your Christmas schedules but if there is anything that needs to be changed I will post on the CBUK Facebook page and here and advise you to re-download them.


The trailers are also in the MP3/WAV folders in a sub-folder called Promos-Trailers. They are generic so you can append a voice over for your station with the programme date/time on etc.

There are two versions one which is 60 seconds (hopefully you can append a station specific voiceover to the end) The other is 68 seconds long but does have a few seconds of music bed on the end for you to add you voiceover on top of.

Apologies, about the length as I know some stations would prefer a sub 60s promo including a station specific VO. If I’d not been quite so busy I probably could have hacked it down a bit more but I just ran out of time in the end.


One thing that Dave Piper and I have discussed as the item has been in production is that after the last part it feels like there’s an opportunity to add something more. I suppose a bit like an ‘epilogue’ sort of thing, to kind of wrap things up. Not necessarily a ‘preach’ as such, but perhaps a particular song would also serve the purpose. (Graham Kendrick’s ‘Dreaming of a Holy Night’ ( was one that was suggested, for example.)

However, in the end I decided not to add anything else and just leave it up to each station to do whatever they felt was most suitable. That might be an announcement/read from your presenter, that might be a poem or a song. I’m sure each station will have an idea, but I thought I’d mention it as it might be quite useful.

Anyway, do let us know if you are going to air it. It would be good to know how widely it is being used. Also do get in touch if you have any thoughts or queries!

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