Access relies on volunteers to make it work. Without you, as with most charitable organisations, we would be drained trying to juggle all the components that make a business, between just a few of us. Volunteering, apart from helping us immensely is also a benefit to those who give of their time. Whether you are someone wanting to gain experience by adding to your CV for career opportunities, someone who is out of work and wants to show potential employers that you have been active in the interim, or whether you are wanting to give into your community with spare time you have. Whatever category you fall into, we want to make you feel a part of the team, appreciated and welcomed. And as a volunteer, it also gives you the opportunity to share your skills with us and be trained by us in all sorts of different aspects of the running of the station.

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer, please email volunteer@accessradio.biz or call 01782 478874 Monday-Fridays, between 10am-5pm. Please leave a message if need be -it will be picked up by the following day and someone will contact you.


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