The Access Team has three main parts to it, Staff, Trustees and an Advisory Panel. Staff are involved in the day-to-day running of the station whilst the Trustees oversee the whole operation of the charity. We also have an Advisory Panel who offer help and advice to the charity in their various areas of expertise. You can view each section of our team by clicking on the “People” drop down menu above. Or you can view the whole team below.

Christian Sullivan

Christian is the founder of online publication, The Metal Onslaught Magazine and also presents The Metal Onslaught Radio Show on the station. Originally born and raised in Australia and previously working in the metal scene there, Christian is actively working with a balanced perspective with Christian Bands & Artists all across the world in all …

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Ramona Hirschi

Ramona has a legal background, practising at corporate solicitors Kent, Jones and Done in North Staffordshire, before forming her own on-line and home party retail business, Little Trove. She also owns and manages a number of property development ventures. Originally from Maylasia, Ramona spent several years living and working in Switzerland before moving to the UK …

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Charles Merriott

Charles is our Resident Rednex. Previously serving the United States army, Charles came to England for a holiday in 2010 and whilst here, found out he had throat cancer. Five years later and free from cancer, Charles decided to stay and now we have the privilege of his friendship and communication gifts here at Access. …

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Doris de Dummé

Doris works hard in our social enterprise operation, in particular our womenswear section! People say that she has a tendency to lose her head in pressure situations but that’s not true. She’s never had a head so losing it is out of the question. Little is know of Doris’s previous work experience or employment but, despite …

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Leigh Preece

When not in a studio Leigh works as an academic technician but has lots of experience in community and commercial radio including roles at Moorlands Radio, Six Towns, and Focal.

Tracey Taylor

Tracey is our volunteer who presents a light-hearted, family inclusive Friday evening show between 9-10pm, with more regular -but still light-hearted- radio between the hour of 10-11pm. If you don’t manage to catch her Friday night, then her show is repeated Saturday through to Monday evenings. Tracey has previously worked at Cross Rhythms Radio and as a freelance …

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Peter Field

Peter is an established performer on the underground punk scene around the North Staffs area and has produced programmes for internet radio stations heard around the world. Peter produces and presents Alternate, a show featuring the best in hardcore rock and punk, heard Saturday and Sunday at 11am and 11pm.

Jonathan Hutchinson

Before heading up IT matters at Access Radio, Jon was the Group ICT manager at T. G. Holdcrofts Ltd., one of the largest motor trading groups in England. He also runs his own software development company, Slipstream Software Ltd.

Gareth Littler

Gareth spent much of his career as an executive in the areas of IT and communications and in 1993 he took up the position of MD with United Christian Broadcasters. During his tenure the organisation saw unprecedented growth into the multi-million pound charity that it is today. Gareth left UCB in 2001 to set up …

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Stephen Cardy

 Currently working for the Evangelical Alliance of Ireland he has a long association with media having represented Focus on the Family in Ireland for several years. He’s also a director of Irish Christian Broadcasters and served as CEO of Yes Radio. As a former IBEC executive (Irish employers association) and training consultant Stephen has extensive experience …

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