La La Land (12A) Review

Thinking about seeing a film this weekend? Read our thoughts on ‘La La Land’ here.

Spectre (12A) Review

Spectre: What our reviewer, Hannah Perry, thought of the New Bond Movie

Film Review – All Stars (U)

Fancy a kids’ film with something a bit different from the usual offerings? Read our review of ‘All Stars’ here.

Film Review: Iron Man 3 (12)

The third instalment in the Iron Man saga takes a darker turn. Tony Stark/Iron Man is now suffering from systems of post traumatic stress disorder, caused from his battle at the end of The Avengers movie. Added to this he faces a new villain in the form of The Mandarin a terrorist hell bent on …

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Sammy’s Great Escape (U)

Well, 3 films in 2 weeks with the kids! This time I took both of them to see Sammy’s Great Adventure. I have to say, whilst Lottie (5) was quite keen, James (nearly 9) was not. I could understand it as, quite clearly, the film was aimed at an audience a bit younger than him. …

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Film Review – The Croods (U)

OK, my second trip to the cinema in the last few weeks with my kids. (Well, sort of…) After spending some quality time with my son watching “Wreck It Ralph” my daughter (5) became insanely jealous and demanded equality (in the way that 5 year old girls do). Given my comments in my last review about …

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Film Review: Les Misérables (12A)

From Tom Hooper, academy award winning director of The King’s Speech, comes this award winning movie adaption of the award winning musical by Victor Hugo, Les Misérables. In my opinion (and in the opinion of many others I am sure), a brilliant cast, inspirational script-writing, prestigiously directed and magnificently moving. Let’s take a closer look… …

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