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Howtolife Movement UK Event


Hello all! The chap who runs this organisation, Jordan Whitmer, came to see me recently. I’ve included a links to a videos (and more) below that explain what his organisation, Howtolife is all about quite well so I won’t go into too much detail but they are planning their first UK youth event on Friday 2nd November in Wigan so not a million miles away. Those of you with youth connected to your congregations might be interested in this so I will attach some more details in images to this post later.

Jordan is the grandson of Ron Hutchcraft who runs Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, an established and very effective American Youth/Outreach Organisation that I’ve known for about 15 years and so comes well endorsed. (see http://hutchcraft.com/) However, what has impressed me is the desire to get people from the UK to runs this in the best way for a UK audience, rather than simply try to duplicate something from the States in the UK. 

For interviews enquiries etc. with Jordan or UK Co-ordinators Nadia and Joel the contact Jordan direct at  jordan@howtolifemovement.com

Anyway, here are some videos links and photos etc for more information.

CBN Video about the Movement
Part 1

Part 2

Link to CBN Article and Video


Eventbrite Information About the UK Event



Images/Info about the Event and UK/Europe Branch






UK Event Video Update

Europe Update Video

Main How to Life Video

Regular Version


Short Version