Off Grid Christianity – Episode 86 – Tracy Williamson

Off Grid Christianity
Off Grid Christianity
Off Grid Christianity - Episode 86 - Tracy Williamson

What is it like to be deaf from 2 years of age, suffer horrible family abuse and then suffer depression as a teenager wanting to end her life? How did a fellow university student help Tracy to become a Christian? Many years later and with hardly any sight left as well, why doesn’t she blame God? Has she ever got annoyed with God? Why did she run away from University and where did she end up? Why do I want Tracy to write another book called 82p? Tracy shares more about her life to date and why she wrote her latest book Unashamed. It was humbling for me to not only have the privilege of interviewing Tracy but also to be able to listen again to her insightful comments to the above questions and more whilst editing. Please make the time to listen to this incredible woman.

In an era where more and more people are blaming the internet for all that is wrong in the world currently, this podcast couldn’t have happened without modern tech such as Google Meet and their Closed Caption facility. Closed Caption instantly translated my speech into words, faultlessly. Consequently, Tracy was just about able to read what I was saying. Editing out just a few seconds delay before Tracy would reply was easy and an honour. Please listen.

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