Off Grid Christianity
Off Grid Christianity
Off Grid Christianity - Episode 88 - Dave Carson

Have you ever wondered whatever happened to a work colleague from xx years ago? What if you both used to meet up for a prayer time during lunch breaks? Dave was someone just like that for me, especially when I had a life-changing decision to make. I have often thought whatever happened to him. I have Googled his name several times over the years. Surely it couldn’t be this person who has lost both his legs and some fingers through Sepsis? What is Sepsis? How did it affect his faith? As Dave had played the drums for most of his life, how can he play the kit now without any legs? What is Multiple Myeloma? How did it affect his faith when he was told he had Multiple Myeloma a few years after recovering from Sepsis? An amazing podcast featuring a tenacious Dave but is he the same Dave I used to work with? Please listen.

X @dcarson_uk

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