A Big Thank You to Everyone! – One Family Award Update


Well Noon is here! And we are still 8th! As the awards were allocated for the top 8 projects that is very promising! We’re not ‘counting our chickens’ etc. because all the votes have to be verified by the One Family Foundation but it looks as if we’ve done it.

A big massive “Thank You” to everyone who voted and/or shared. (Not all of our supporters were eligible to vote but they still promoted it!) We were in a difficult category as it included quite a few schools who, of course, have hundreds of parents at hand who can vote for their projects, so you all did incredibly well in publicising the project!

So we will just have to wait and see but we’ve done everything we can. We will definitely know by Dec 14th but if we are able to tell you earlier then we will!

Thanks again from all at Access

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