Altern8 – New Show for July this Weekend.

Another month, another edition of Altern8 hit’s your radio sets tonight from 11pm. It includes music from, Pax217, CPR and One Bad Pig.  Plus Pete caught up with St Pineapple recently so you here that interview tonight alongside music from his new album. As ever, the full playlist for the show is below and you can here it tonight from 11pm. 

Artist – Title
PAX217 – Fly Away
Blink-182 – Bored to Death
St Pineapple – Better late than never
Aaron Graham – Not about us
CPR – Fire the Fire
Until We Die – Mouthful of Spiders
One Bad Pig – What Does The Fool Say
Deny the Fallen – Murder Machine
Roam – Playing Fiction
Next Year – Fall Apart
St Pineapple – Super Yum
Extol – Justified
Jesse & the Rockers – Fired Up
DISCHARGE – New World Order
Skillet – Feel Invincible
Because of Me – My Hope


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