Bizzare Reasons to get your Car Stopped By the Police

As Steve mentioned on air a few moments ago, the story of the person who got stopped for driving their with no seat and no steering wheel has amused quite a few people this week. Plus, a little digging also found people who got stopped with bizarre loads including a wardrobe held onto the roof only by Bubblewrap, a car that was overloaded with rice and one person who had too much cheese in their vehicle!

Steve would like to know your bizarre motoring stories tonight. Ever been transported somewhere in the boot? Or seen other people with bizarred loads! Let us know via our Facebook and Twitter pages or emailing

You can read about all these stories on the BBC website by clicking on the image and links below.

Man drove car sitting on bucket and steering with pliers

Too much cheese lands van man in pickle with police

Bargain basmati lands Luton rice man in police pickle

Wardrobe held on Great Yarmouth car with bubble wrap

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