New Week’s Altern8 Show for Feb on Access

Pete’s back with the February edition of of Punk and Hardcore of 2018 tonight on Access. Christian from the Meltdown Festival is back in the studio with Pete and you can hear music from False Idol, The Old Timers and Living Fire. Here’s the full running order for the show which can be heard Fri-Mon at 11pm.

Artist – Title
False idol – Where do We Go
AOS – Death By Love
Christ Sake – Love Love
The Old Timers – This city
The Lonely Revolts – Peace and safety
A Common Goal – Freedom fighter
Doug Jutras – Gods town
Living Fire – One Way
Peter118 – Radio
Waiting for Ravens – Darkest Part of me
Death Therapy – Wake Me (When I’m Dead)
Flesh Killer – Salt of the Earth
Deliverance – The Black Hand
Hand of fire – The Prophecy
For Today – Crown of Thorns
Blood Thirst – Crush the Head of the Serpent


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