Off Grid Christianity – Episode 56 – Paul Vrolijk

Off Grid Christianity
Off Grid Christianity
Off Grid Christianity - Episode 56 - Paul Vrolijk

Paul,until a few years ago, was the Anglican Archdeacon for North West Europe. His main focus now is Christilience. But what is Christilience and why set up training courses to help you on your ‘journey’? Why is encouragement so important to us all? Did God create busy? In this absorbing podcast, Paul shares in perfect English (he is from The Netherlands via several other countries in business and ministry) how he was overwhelmed a few years ago and how it was the springboard for this new word and venture. He discusses topics such as our own mortality, and why we need clarity and strength and Christ. Christ and Resilience = Christilience.

Farewell to my father, a book Paul wrote about the death of his father and its immediate aftermath nearly one year ago, is now available on Kindle. A printed version will be available on Amazon.

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