Off Grid Christianity – Episode 78 (Part One) – Joseph Steinberg

Off Grid Christianity
Off Grid Christianity
Off Grid Christianity - Episode 78 (Part One) - Joseph Steinberg

For those who listen regularly, you will know that an OGC interview will often go into uncharted waters! During the recording, we had covered so much about Joseph’s life (how he became a Christian in a reformed American Jewish family before moving to the UK and becoming an Anglican vicar) plus other topics and I realised we were running out of my scheduled 1 hour (Part One). I still wanted to discuss the current Middle East situation as he is the CEO of International Mission To Jewish People (an organisation that was formed in the 1800s). Joseph readily agreed to giving me more time and so a 2 part podcast was decided there and then! Both Parts One and Two are stand-alone episodes. Part Two is mainly about his understanding (theological and personal) on the current Middle Eastern conflict. Joseph also discusses his Christian Hero. Please, please, please tell all your Christian friends about these 2 episodes as I fully believe they need to be heard ASAP. I have been involved in Christian Broadcasting for over 30 years and I can honestly say this is the most important interview I have ever done…and I have been privileged to have been involved in a few. Please let us know your thoughts as well and don’t forget to tell your friends.

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