Off Grid Christianity – Part Two – Joseph Steinberg

Off Grid Christianity
Off Grid Christianity
Off Grid Christianity - Part Two - Joseph Steinberg

It seems to be all the rage whereby TV series are still shown in a weekly episode format but if you go on line (BBC I-Player for instance) you can watch all the episodes in one sitting without having to wait 7 days for part 2 etc.. I decided that doing similar would be the best option for my 2 episodes with Joseph. The feedback has been phenominal. Part Two is for me the main event!

For those that haven’t listened to Part Two here it is. For those that have, here’s another chance listen to it again! Part Two is mainly about Joseph’s understanding (theological and personal) on the current Middle Eastern conflict. Joseph also discusses his Christian Hero. Part One is about Joseph’s life , how he became a Christian in a reformed American Jewish family before moving to the UK and becoming an Anglican vicar, plus other topics. Please, please, please tell all your Christian friends about these 2 stand alone episodes as I fully believe they need to be heard ASAP.

A brand new episode will be released on 27 April – UK time.

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