The Access Rock Show for November 2019

Aeon Zen special

On this edition of The Access Rock Show, hear what multi instrumentalist Rich Hinks has to say about his bands Aeon Zen and Annihilator, from 11pm tonight, and Mal Fletcher will be talking about true love. Don’t miss out on music by Aeon Zen, King’s X, Alice Cooper and Tourniquet, as well as a Blast from the Past by classic 70s era Genesis, with ‘Los Endos’.

Let music do the talking here from 11pm on Access! Repeated Sat-Mon at the same time.

The playlist for the show is printed below.

Artist – Title

King’s X – Sometime
Aeon Zen – Inveritas
Aeon Zen – The Treachery Of Images
Aeon Zen – The First and Only Line
Alice Cooper – Fireball
Love and Death – Watching The Bottom Fall
Tourniquet – The Peaceful Beauty Of Brutal Justice
Extol – Behold The Sun
Demon Hunter – Ash
Genesis – Los Endos

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