This Week on The Metal Onslaught – Tonight at 11pm

There’s another chance to hear the debut episode of our new programme The Metal Onslaught Radio Show this weekend. The concept of the show is simple! – Christian Sullivan presents some of the best and freshest Metal sounds from around the world! You can hear it again tonight from 11pm repeated Sat-Mon at the same time.

The Playlist from the show is below!

Title – Artist

War Of Ages – Void
Death Requisite – Tormentor
XIII Minutes – Who Told You
Lifelong – Revive The Masses
Deny The Fallen – Murder Machine
Skald In Veum – Stridslysten
Impending Doom – Murderer
Tourniquet – Broken Chromosomes
Chaotic Resemblance – Virtual Reality
Death Therapy – My Defiance (feat. Josh Kincheloe of Grasslan)
Narnia – The Witch and The Lion
Theocracy – Wages Of Sin
Taking The Head Of Goliath – Audacity To Inspire
Halistherion – Psalms 59
Parakletos – Se Guds Lamm (A.D. 2018)

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