The Metal Onslaught – 11th – 14th Oct 2019 – Playlist for This Week’s Show

If you missed the debut of The Metal Onslaught Radio Show there’s one more chance to catch it tonight from 11pm. The concept of the show is simple! – Christian Sullivan presents some of the best and freshest Metal sounds from around the world!

The Playlist from this week’s show is below!

Title – Artist

War Of Ages – Void
Death Requisite – Tormentor
XIII Minutes – Who Told You
Lifelong – Revive The Masses
Deny The Fallen – Murder Machine
Skald In Veum – Stridslysten
Impending Doom – Murderer
Tourniquet – Broken Chromosomes
Chaotic Resemblance – Virtual Reality
Death Therapy – My Defiance (feat. Josh Kincheloe of Grasslan)
Narnia – The Witch and The Lion
Theocracy – Wages Of Sin
Taking The Head Of Goliath – Audacity To Inspire
Halistherion – Psalms 59
Parakletos – Se Guds Lamm (A.D. 2018)

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