Midweek Evening Show – ‘One Hit Wonder’ – 2nd – 4th February 2021.

2010 is the year that provided this week’s OHW. It came from Essex based R&B artist McLean. Also going by the psudonym of Digga, everyone had high hopes for this artist after riding high in the UK R&B charts with a previous hit and then following it up with this song that made it to the mainstream UK Top 10. But, whilst a follow up hit made it to number 44, we never heard anything from McLean, or Digga again.

Nevertheless, we liked McLean, giving both his mainstream hits considerable airplay, and that shows what we know about the longevity of artists careers! But we particularly liked this song as, in a genre such as R&B, where lyrics often place an emphasis on what could best be described as casual romantic encounters, it was nice to hear something talking about life long relationships for a change.

Often, with many of our OHW artists, they continue in the business as a writer or a session musician. Or we hear of a complete change of career in a totally new direction. But with this artist, no one quite seems to know where he went to with nothing added to his YouTube account, for example, for the last 6 years. Even the video below, which appears to ‘borrow’ heavily from the 1999 movie, Entrapment, was quite hard to find. (In fact, maybe that’s a clue to McLean’s disappearance, if the movie producers weren’t happy…) So do let us know, if you happen to have inside information on whatever happened next to McLean!

As usual, we have included links, below, so you can listen again via YouTube and download via iTunes and Amazon.

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