Midweek Evening Show – ‘One Hit Wonder’ – 23rd – 25th June 2020

Tonight’s One Hit Wonder comes from 1997 and, like the song we featured from MARRS a few weeks ago, was a ground-breaking hit in many ways. Whilst MARRS pioneered the use of digital sampling in a chart hit, this song from White Town was one of the first to have been recorded at home using digital technology. These days, its common place for artists to pen hits from their bedrooms or living rooms, but back in the 90’s the technology to do this was just emerging. So, to record a number one song that stayed in the charts for nearly 10 weeks, was a huge achievement.

Sadly, White Town never repeated the success of this song. Whilst he did have a follow up release that reached no. 57 in the UK charts, further chart success eluded him. However, he can have the satisfaction of knowing that he was the person that established the idea that you didn’t need a huge recording studio to record a big hit record. was Our celebration of UK chart success that was never quite repeated continue a few moments ago on this week’s Midweek Evening Show, with an outing for MARRS with Pump Up The Volume. It was a truly a ground-breaking track, leading the way with innovative digital sampling that would set the scene for pop music for years to come. Yet it was truly a one-off, with legal issues and rumoured rifts causing the group to split up after just one hot. It was a massive one though, reaching number one and spending 18 weeks on the UK chart!

If you’d like to hear it again, there are links to the video on YouTube and also to purchase it on iTunes and Amazon (12″ Mix).

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