This Week’s Altern8 Show – Tonight from 11pm

‘onight on Altern8…music from Kingsdown, Switchfoot and Evanesence plus Christian Sullivan from the Meltdown festival joins Peter on the Show. Here’s the full playlist for the programme. There’s more info about Meltdown at

Artist – Title
Skillet – Feel Invincible
Because of Me – My Hope
Kingsdown – Calling Everybody
Switchfoot – Oh Gravity
Evanescence – Bring Me To Life
As I Lay Dying – Upside Down Kingdom
False idol – Where do we go
Slaves – Hey
DISCHARGE – New World Order
As we are – The change
seraphscoal – Problemsolution
Bowling for soup – St Jimmy
Thousand Foot Krutch – Phenomenon
Anberlin – Ready Fuels
Pillar – Secrets and Regrets
Hawthorne Heights – Rescue Me

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