The Weekend Evening Show 20th – 23rd December 2019

It’s art… but not as we know.’

Alex Figgis will be sharing more inspiring, strange and humorous news stories from around the world, including an unusual art exhibition; a strange case of dead starlings; AC/DC singer’s latest philanthropic venture; and possibly the world’s most careful driver. Once again, Mal Fletcher will be sharing his thoughts about contemporary culture, this time reflecting on Nelson Mandela’s life, and lessons we can learn from it. Classic Cuts on tonight’s show are by Crowded House, encouraging us to make our own weather, and The Cure, who share a dark tale of a forest. Also, you’ll have the opportunity of listening to Remember The Monsters, Milky Chance, Capital Kings and Major Lazer.

Then from 9pm Trace Taylor is back with a festive show looking at some of the reasons behind our Christmas traditions and celebrations. Plus there’s another chance to hear a humorous take on the Christmas story with a nostalgic visit from the Blue Peter Team.  

It all kicks off here from 7pm on Access!

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