The Weekend Evening Show 6th – 9th December 2019

Is it a bird? Is it a plane…?’

On this week’s edition of the show, Alex Figgis will be sharing more inspirational, bizarre and up-lifting news stories, including a heroic Pit Bull; the life-transforming power of compassion; how to tackle grief; and one husky’s close encounter with a microwave. Once again, Mal Fletcher will be along, this time considering God-given dreams and the way they can shape us. Classic Cuts are provided by Massive Attack, who are moved to tears, and Bon Jovi issue a rallying cry for the over-looked and down-trodden. You’ll also have the opportunity of listening to Apollo Ltd., Barnes Courtney, Social Beignz and Galactus Jack.

It all kicks off here from 7pm on Access!

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