This Month’s Altern8 Airs Tonight From Midnight on Access

Musician and singer-songwriter Trace Taylor

A New Year and a new edition of Altern8 is back tonight! Peter Field serves up a feast of Punk and Hardcore from Midnight including Stryper, Trace Taylor, Skillet and One Bad Pig. This week’s playlist includes Explode The TV, Blink-182, Chaotic Resemblance and Skillet!

As ever, the full playlist for the show is below and you can hear it tonight from 11pm repeated Sun – Mon at the same time!

Artist – Title

Artist – Title

Stryper – Blood from Above
Outside the Shadows – Turn to You
Skillet – Stars
Because of Me – My Hope
Roam – Playing Fiction
Death Therapy – Wake Me (When I’m Dead)
Deliverance – The Black Hand
One Bad Pig – What Does The Fool Say
Aaron Graham – Not About Us
CPR – Fire the Fire
No Lost Cause – I Stand Amazed
Switchfoot – Oh Gravity
Pretty Vicious – It’s Always There
Queen – Sheer Heart Attack

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