432 Zone

Tracey Taylor Fri 10th – Mon 13th Jan, 2020!!

2020! Here’s wishing you the best year and a progressively INCREDIBLE decade beyond what you could ever possibly imagine.
In tonight’s show, there are encouraging words from different folk as we start the new year and we also hear about the Healing Frequency Project called Wholetones, the inspiration behind The 432 Zone held at half-past each hour. I look forward to you joining me 9-11pm!

Tracey Taylor 29th Nov-2nd Dec, 2019

Illness is often prevalent this time of year. As a vocal coach and singing teacher, you will hear DJ Tracey sounding slightly odd as she takes to the mic in recovery mode… But, the plan is to share a few tips with you along the way to help nurture your voice back to health if you are in the same boat!

Tracey Taylor 8th-11th November, 2019

Do you need encouragement with letting go? You’ll have all the encouragement you need by the time Trace’s show comes to an end.

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