Centurion of The Watch

This Easter Access presents a dramatic account of the Easter Story, Centurion of the Watch. Written and performed by UCB‘s David Piper, it recalls the thought provoking and moving story through the eyes of a soldier, officiating at the crucifixion.

Interspersed with some inspiring Easter themed music, the soldier gives his own account of the rise and apparent fall of Jesus of Nazareth, recalling the impact he made on many lives including his own. (Due to copyright reasons, the version above is a speech-only version)

For a limited time you can also listen to the audio above, however, due to copyright reasons, this will be removed after Easter. A shorter, speech only version will be available shortly at the end of this page.

You can hear broadcast throughout the Easter weekend on Access from Good Friday through until Easter Monday at 8am, Midday, 5pm and 9pm.

Written and performed by David Piper, Musical production by Steve Perry and Studio Production by Chris Rabone

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