Epic goal celebration fail gives hope for us all!

Now you may be fed up of the FIFA World Cup but this clip, that Steve mentioned on air a few moments ago, is set to make even the most unenthusiastic about football smile. When Michy Batshuayi celebrated the Belgium goal by trying to drop-kick it back into the goal he though the’d be adding a bit of life to an otherwise dull game. Well, he did but not quite as he expected!

In light of this, we want to know your sporting gaffs tonight. Even stopped because you’d crossed the line in a race only to discover it was another 50 metres away? Or scored a spectucualr goal…into your own net! Let know tonight via our Facebook and Twitter pages or emailing steve@accessradio.biz.

You can view the original clip on the BBC website by clicking here or on the image below.

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