Midweek Evening Show Extra – 9th – 11th July 2019

Tonight Steve talked about the inspiring story of the group of young people in South Africa who got together to build a DIY aeroplane! Not only that, it was flown across Africa from Cape Town to Cairo!

But that got Steve thinking about the “Homemade” projects that you may have encountered. Have you ever come up with a brilliant solution to something that would have cost megabucks from the professional? Or even attempted that and it has gone very wrong! Are there some things that should remain off limits from your experience?

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You can read more about the and watch a video of the project the BBC website by clicking on the picture above or clicking here.

But that got Steve thinking about your acts of random kindness. Perhaps no one has ever received a gift quite like the one above but perhaps you’ve experienced some unique generosity from someone you know? Or perhaps from a total stranger, like Robert. Let us know your stories!

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