New Alternative Show – Playlist for this Week

greendayThe best in hardcore Rock and Punk in this week’s Altern8 show which brings you new music from Green Day. Listen tonight from 11pm.

Artist – Title
Green Day – Bang Bang
Rancid – Rats In The Hallway
Fall Out Boy – Dance Dance
Dinosaur Pile Up – Red and Purple
Slaves – Hey
Saving Strike – Boom Tah
False idol – Where do we go
Skillet – Circus for a Psycho
Disciple – O God Save Us All
Green Day – Revolution radio
Living fire – Jesus is not dead
Risen from ruins – Shadows of Doubt
Paramore – Emergency
P.O.D. – Boom
Pillar – Fireproof
Good Charlotte – The River (Featuring M. Shadows And Synyster)
Green Day – Still breathing

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