Sad News about David Robinson

David Robinson who passed away over the weekend

Sad news about one of the long-time friends of Access, David Robinson, who sadly passed away during the last few days. David was on our board of reference for the project and had been a key influence in setting the project up in 2009. Aside from his support for Access, he was a huge advocate for Christian radio, particularly in his native Northern Ireland. For many years faith groups were prevented from holding certain types of radio licences in the UK and Ireland. David was a great campaigner in this area, raising awareness of the issue through his work.

He was also a key figure in the campaign to set up Ireland’s National Christian Radio station which culminated in the Irish government awarding a licence back on 2007. David founded the Yes Radio bid which ultimately lost out to Spirit when the regulator’s decision was made. Nevertheless, it was a mark of his great character that he supported Spirit Radio in their efforts to get on air. After winning the licence, Spirit had a difficult start but eventually started their broadcasts, in part, thanks to David’s efforts. He did everything in his power to ensure that the Spirit project went ahead, pushing for Spirit to be allowed to use facilities set up by Yes Radio.

In more recent years David has continued his work, producing many hours or free programming for stations around the world and producing free materials, in print and on line, in support of Christian media.

He will be sorely missed my everyone who knew him and our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and family.

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