Sad News of the Death of Speaker and Author John Smith

The Australian minister, author, speaker and social commentator  John Smith sadly passed away this week after a long battle with cancer. He gained a reputation as being a forthright Christian speaker who also spoke with relevance to those outside the Church on a myriad of topics that effected us all in daily life.

Often dubbed, “The Motorbike Riding Reverend from Australia” he also had a long association with various Christian biker groups who reached out  many of the marginalised people in his own country and around the world.

John’s material was regularly featured here on Access and many media outlets around the world. John’s last article as featured by the Eternity News website can be found here.  You can also hear his thoughts in “What’s wrong with Church” that were included on the Midweek Evening Show this week, below.

John Smith – What’s Wrong With Church?

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