Stoke Art Map Extra – Interview with Ben Eastop of ACAVA

You may have already heard our earlier mini-documentary on the ‘Stoke Art Map’ celebrations which covered the influx of artists into the town of Stoke over the last few years. (You can listen and find out more by clicking here).

We recorded loads of great material on the day, most of which we couldn’t squeeze in to the documentary. However, we’re making the various interviews available in their entirety here in the coming weeks.

We start off with an interview with Ben Eastop of the Association for Cultural Advancement Through Visual Art (ACAVA). As part of celebrations ACAVA launched a suite of new artist studios in Stoke. I caught up with Ben (pictured above) who manages a number of ACAVA studio facilities around the UK and found out more about the project.

You also visit the Stoke Art Map website at :-

Or visit their social media pages (@stokeartmap) at:-

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