The Snuts

The Weekend Evening Show 3rd- 6th July 2020

The Weekend Evening Show 3rd-6th July 2020: Mal Fletcher and role models; Stumpy the dog; farming in Paris; acts of kindness; the phantom philanthropist of Burnswick; and Yellow show know fear whilst racing and The White Stripes have an unused door bell.

New Songs On The Access Playlist – 17th June 2020

New tracks on this week’s playlist include music from ‘Skillet’. ‘Dusky Grey’, ‘Tom Walker’, ‘Sigma’ and ‘John, Newman’. Preview and download them here!

The Midweek Evening Show 16th – 18th June 2020

Tonight’s show features a Meteorologist inspired ‘One Hit Wonder’, new music from the ‘Snuts’ and more medical matters in the ‘Word On Health’. It all kicks off from 6pm!

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