The Access Rock Show for 20th – 23rd November 2020

British grindcore pioneers’s deal with backlash…just because!

On tonight’s show, Alex will be featuring new music from Magnum, Napalm Death and classic rockers Wytch Hazel as well as cuts by Voivod, Azusa and Aeon Zen. This week will showcase two Blasts From The Past: Stryper‘s ‘In God We Trust’ and ‘Infected’ by Demon Hunter.

Let music do the talking here from 11pm on Access! Repeated Sat-Mon at the same time.

The playlist for the show is printed below.

Artist – Title

Avantasia – Moonglow feat. Candice Night
Psychotic Waltz – Season Of The Swarm
Azusa – Kill-Destroy
Naplam Death – Backlash Just Because
Galactic Cowboys – Internal Masquerade
Pallbearer – Rite Of Passage
Aeon Zen – Inveritas
Stryper – In God We Trust
Demon Hunter – Infected
Wytch Hazel – Spirit and Fire
Voivod – Obsolete Beings
Magnum – Not Forgiven
Joe Satriani – Nineteen Eighty
The Smashing Pumpkins – Panopticon

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