The Access Rock Show for 7th – 10th August 2020

Tonight, Stryper with a song of hope.

On tonight’s show, Alex will be playing new music by Fit For A King, Comrades, and Scott Stapp, along with a track by Stryper from their forthcoming release, ‘Even The Devil Believes’ due out at the beginning of September. Listen out for music by Dream Theater, Theocracy, and Tourniquet, as well as a blast from the past courtesy of Blur.

Let music do the talking here from 11pm on Access! Repeated Sat-Mon at the same time.

The playlist for the show is printed below.

Artist – Title

Scott Stapp – World I Used To Know
Stryper – Blood From Above
Silent Planet – Trilogy
The Letter Black – Believe
Blur – Song 2
Death Therapy – It’s OK
Awooga – Waterhole
Dream Theater – Barstool Warrior
Theocracy – A Call To Arms
Fit For A King – God Of Fire
Comrades – Half-light
Demon Hunter – When The Devil Comes
Living Colour – Blak Out
POD – Listening For the Silence
Tourniquet – Gazing At Medusa

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