The Access Rock Show for December 2019

On The Access Rock Show this month, hear what Mal Fletcher has to say about mental conditioning. Listen to multi instrumentalist Celldweller, guitar virtuoso Santana, and U.S. doomsters Trouble, as well as new music by Impellitteri, Dream Theater and Demon Hunter. You’ll also have the chance to hear two more Blasts from the Past: Jeff Beck‘s ‘Blue Wind’ and ‘I Feel Free’ by UK power trio legends, Cream.

Let music do the talking here from 11pm on Access! Repeated Sat-Mon at the same time.

The playlist for the show is printed below.

Artist – Title

Celldweller – Birthright
Evanescence – End Of The Dream
Trouble – Another Day
Impellitteri – Masquerade
King’s X – Out Of The Silent Planet
Jeff Beck – Blue Wind
Cream – I Feel Free
Queensrÿche – Eye 9
Extreme – Stop The World
Dream Theater – Fall Into The Light
Santana – Trinity

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