Midweek Evening Show – ‘One Hit Wonder’ – 2nd – 4th March 2021.

Earlier today on the MES we whizzed back to 1991 for this week’s OHW which comes from the pop trio Soho. The band consisted of sisters Jacqui and Pauline Cuff and producer/writer Tim London but apart from a couple of minor hits that just about scraped into the top 100 in the UK, this song remains their only hit.

However, you have to hand it to them as a band for their commitment to the cause. Many OHW candiates have a short career after they have been unable to repeat their success but Soho went on to produce another six albums, releasing eight in all, in a career that continued for another 10 years!

This song remains their sole UK success reaching No. 8 in 1991 but it was actually released in in the UK in 1990. It only reached the giddy heights of 67 the first time around but found success in other countries including Australia (21), New Zealand (14) and the US (14) meaning a UK re-release eventually got some traction in the following year.

As usual, we have included links, below, so you can listen again via YouTube and download via iTunes and Amazon.

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