This Week’s Altern8 Show on Access

Pete’s back with the first serving of Punk and Hardcore of 2018 tonight on Access. Including an interview with Christian from the¬†Meltdown¬†Festival and music from Skillet, Kingsdown and Switchfoot and you can hear it tonight from 11pm!

Here’s the full running order for the show.

Artist – Title
P.O.D. – Am I Awake
Red – Perfect Life
Waiting for Ravens – Darkest Part of me
As we are – The change
Disciple – Kings
Skillet – Feel Invincible
Death Therapy – Wake Me (When I’m Dead)
Death Requiste – Revisitation
Flesh Killer – Salt of the Earth
Royal standard – caught in a lie
Pretty Vicious – It’s Always There
Seraphscoal – Problemsolution

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