The Weekend Evening Show 30th August – 2nd September 2019

This week, The Evening Show, with Alex Figgis, sees the return of Mal Fletcher, who will be commenting on the world’s greatest role-model, as well as how our moods and emotions affect us. Alex will also be sharing recent news stories about what really motivates young people to achieve, how Orchid is raising awareness of a little known cancer in men, the unusual home a venomous spider made for itself, and the irony of a disgruntled thief whose getaway truck was stolen. The cheek of it! This week’s Classic Cuts are ‘Baby, Baby’, by singer/songwriter Amy Grant, and American alternative rockers The Call‘s ‘Let The Day Begin’ . Also featured on the show this week is music by Jet, Au Ra, Craig David and The Chemical Brothers.

It all kicks off tonight from 7pm here on Access!

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