This Week’s Midweek Evening Show 7th – 10th May 2019

The Midweek Evening Show is back again, tonight, from 6pm and we cover another medical issues in this week’s Word on Health as Paul Pennington covers the auto-immune condition Lupus from 6:15pm. We also have our regular new music slot with Toby Mac making an appearance, once again, in the Track Of The Week slot at 7:15pm.

After 8pm we’ll be looking at a story that caught Steve’s eye this week. There’s a clue in the image above but if you’re your always finding stuff put in the ‘wrong place’ in your house or workplace you will definitely relate to this!

And, as usual, our SportsBusiness and Entertainment News updates are at 6:45, 7:45 and 8:45pm respectively. 

It all kicks off tonight from 6pm, repeated same time tomorrow and Thursday on Access!

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