This Weeks Playlist on Altern8 13/12/15

Here is the playlist for tonight’s Altern8 programme at 11pm with Peter Field which includes an interview with Scott Powell from Lazy Eye.

The best in hardcore rock and punk tonight with Altern8!




Kingsdown Calling – Everybody
Pretty Vicious – It’s Always There
Skillet – Hero
False Idol – Fear of Man
Christ Sake – Love Love
Canterbury Drive – Ride Drive
Living fire – Jesus is not dead
Chip K – Old rugged cross
The kings kids – Urgency
Boy jumps ship – Black Hearts dont Beat
The old timers – This city
Rise above ministries – Holy of holies
Fire fall down – Deo
Switchfoot – American Dream
Scott Powell – Interview with Scott Powell from Lazy Eye
Lazy Eye – Katie Jones
Hawthorne Heights – Rescue Me
Peter118 – Merry Christmas To You
Draw – Elephant

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