Christmas Drama in the Making

angels-choirOr should that be ‘Christmas – Drama In the Making’?

Sorry to remind you of Christmas when it’s still (just) September but we are really excited today about a Christmas drama that we have “in the can”.

You might remember our Easter drama, Centurion of The Cross written by David Piper? Well, Dave changed jobs earlier this year and so used the time between employers to produce something with a Festive feel for Access and other stations around the UK. We’re not going to say too much about it now, but what we can say is that it involves a light-hearted look at the Christmas story, featuring shepherds, wise men and a particularly unusual ‘choir of angels’.

xmasIt’s also somewhat of a unique production, having been put together from a variety of voices many miles apart using the magic of technology to make it all work. That’s made the editing a little more complex (as you can see from the screen-shot of our editing computer) but we’re quite excited about it! Look out for news in the run up to Christmas as to when you will be able to hear the finished production!

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