The Metal Onslaught Radio Show for 13th -17th March 2020

The Metal Onslaught Radio Show is ready to bring you the best in the new and classics of Metal music. Featuring on tonight’s show we have female fronted Metalcore band World Breaker and with Extreme Metal bands such as Parakletos and Taking The Head Of Goliath and also featuring Metalcore spearhead icon War Of Ages with Once Dead that features former members of Vengeance Rising with the show to have so much more to offer. Keeping it as traditional that we can!!!

Ready to blow your mind with the latest, heaviest and classics here from 11.00pm on The Metal Onslaught Radio Show! Repeated Sat-Mon at the same time.

The playlist for the show is printed below.

Artist – Title

Mortification – The Majestic Infiltration Of Order
War Of Ages – Void
Impending Doom – Deceiver
Sacrament – Slave To Sin
Parakletos – Satans Fall
Taking The Head Of Goliath – Cord Of Three Strands
Narnia – The Witch and The Lion
Symphony Of Heaven – You Shall Be As Gods
World Breaker – Beauty In The Rain
Once Dead – Eternal Man
Chaotic Resemblance – Chaotic Nights
Halistherion – Psalms 59
Poltinmerkki – All Out Freefall
Godman – Last Man Standing
Living Sacrifice – Liar

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