If You’ve Ever Left the Bath Running…

The story that Steve mentioned on air a few moments ago might be a bit of a relief for you. If you’ve ever left the gas on or the bath running at least you didn’t empty the whole canal!

That’s what one absent minded boater did to the Kennet and Avon Canal when the left the locks open after a trip along the waterway a few days ago.

Whilst you may have never drained the canal (although, as unlikely as it seems, this also happened twice on another canal a few weeks ago!) we’re sure you have your “forgetful” stories where you’ve got into trouble or had near misses. Ever left the bath running? Or the handbrake off? Let us know via our Facebook and Twitter pages or emailing steve@accessradio.biz.

You can read about all these stories on the BBC website by clicking on the image and links below.

Boater accidentally drains Kennet and Avon Canal

Water drained from Worcestershire canal stretch twice


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