Important Announcement from Access

movingpicMany of you will know that at the start of last year we moved into new premises in Liverpool Road, Stoke-on-Trent. From there we’ve been running our charitable activities such as training, education, community events and media. We’ve also set up a second-hand book shop, The Book End there too. As well as providing a a valuable community service, this also helps to fund our work alongside our on-line sales operations.

However, we’ve just received news (yesterday) that we have to leave our building in a matter of days due to circumstances beyond our control. (I won’t bore you with the details here but I’m happy to add more information in the comments on our Facebook page if required). As a result, we have a number of urgent needs within the next few days. Of course, Access has listeners across the UK and around the world and we know that you’ll keep us in your thoughts and prayers in this challenging time. However, if you live in and around the Stoke area, or have connections there you may be able to help us more directly.

New Home:

We want to to keep our existing operations going rather than close any areas down. With our team based mostly around the North Staffs area we want remain in that locality. So we’re looking for a retail space in one of Stoke’s town centre’s where we can also set up an office area. Some smaller rooms for studios would also be useful. If you have such a premises in the North Staffs area, know someone who does or just have a suggestion about a building we’d be really grateful. The best way to respond is via our Facebook page (Click on the Facebook box on the right of this page to go there) or by using the contact form below.

Temporary Storage Space:

Secondly, we know that we’re going to need to storage space pretty urgently too. We do need to start moving items out of our current premises next week. So, it’s likely that some items are going to need to go into storage temporarily even if we find the right place straight away.


Thirdly, we’re just a small charity. We know this move will hit our revenue for a while and so we need to keep costs down. So, really we’re looking for places where we can store things for free (at least temporarily). Perhaps, you have an empty garage or know of a building with a spare room we could use in the area? If so, do let us know.

Similarly, for our new building, we’re looking for a landlord who would at least be happy to give us a sizeable rent-free period. It’s not unusual for landlords to let charities use empty buildings rent-free on a rolling short-term lease until they can find a long-term tenant. (They benefit from rates relief and get a free caretaker!) So it may be that someone out there is interested in providing us somewhere on this basis. Again, if you can help or know someone who can, let us know via our Facebook page or use the contact form below.

If you can help or know anyone else who can help at all in this we’d be really grateful. Many thousands of people benefit from our media output around the world. However, at Access we’ve always felt that we should make a difference in the community that we are based, here in Stoke-on-Trent. From the thousands of people who benefit from community events like the London Road Festival and Cinema in the Park to the many individuals who have gained training/work experience with us on a one-to-one basis, Access makes a big difference to many people’s lives. It would be a huge shame if we have to scale back or even stop operating completely. So if you can help in any way, please do.

Thank you in advance

Steve Perry
Managing Director
Access Media

Getting in Touch 

Please use the form below to contact us:-

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